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Léonore Boulanger + Ebenezer + Howie Reeve

Muckle Mouth and The Dentist are pleased to present:

UK debut for French singer Léonore Boulanger, who combines chanson traditions, surrealistic ballads with sound objects and prepared instrumentation, alongside new trio Ebenezer and avant­pop troubadour Howie Reeve from Glasgow.


Léonore Boulanger studied drama, experimental jazz improvisation and Persian music in Paris. She sings in French, German, improvises some unknown languages. Her work reflects her wide interest in African folk and in composers such as George Crumb, Teiji ito, Harry Partch and singer Meredith Monk. Along with the sometimes clear, sometimes onomatopoeic Léonore, Jean­Daniel Botta and Laurent Series give life to partially self invented instruments and all sorts of collected objects. They bring the French and German languages into corkscrew­shaped dances with rickety electricity.

As well as being Leonore’s debut in the UK, she will be presenting her third studio album Feigen Feigen released September 12th on Ana Ott and Le Saule.

"When Léonore Boulanger possesses the stage with her shamanic, nomad universe and bewitching chants and instruments, is it "chanson underground"? Might be, but this is for sure a nice experience that we are not used to"


Ebenezer are Joe Carvell, Emilio Reyes and Gabriel Bristoh, a trio of South London based musicians who found eachother through their mutual love of Darius Milhaud, Bach, Sun Ra, drinking tea and South London Portuguese cafe/bars.

They've been composing and improvising with eachother for over a year now. They've been talking about making a record one day.


Howie Reeve is an acoustic avant­pop solo bass artist from Glasgow. His work with other well known faces in Glasgow‘s avant­folk, post­punk and free jazz scenes has made Reeve a linchpin of the city’s underground music scene. Having spent time in a number of acts like Shlebie and Tattie Toes, Howie decided to go it alone a couple of years back and has already toured throughout Europe and Japan and released two solo albums as well as a now sold out 7” with Minutemen bassist Mike Watt.

DOORS 7PM £8 ADV / £10 OTD